The Key To Success Is Creativity

  • An inspiring panel of artistic female entrepreneurs who built their careers by un-apologetically doing what they love.  Learn about their journey, process and hear first hand how taking risks and marching to the beat of their own drum set them on a path to success.  This panel will discuss gender equality in the arts, defining solutions for problems and how we as artists use our platform to inspire change. 


  • Enjoy a mini Embrace Yourself Movement Class led by Samara Cohen.  Samara will teach you to move and stand in your power. You will learn how to carry that feeling with you so you may walk through life feeling delusion-ally confident!                         



About #sheinnovates

#Sheinnovates stands for connecting, educating, empowering and celebrating women in innovation, technology and entrepreneurship. At SAP Next-Gen, as part of our commitment to the 17 UN Global Goals, we have teamed up with UN Women to drive impact around Goal 5 – Gender Equality by founding the GICC – Global Innovation Coalition for Change. The coalition is designed for UN Women and SAP to accelerate the advancement of women and girls in innovation, technology and entrepreneurship alongside 21 industry peers. Based on this incredible partnership we are now going bold with #SheInnovates events, workshops and programs globally. Join our #SheInnovates workshops every other Wednesday to share your voice and create impact. Get excited for inspiring panelists, engaging workshops and most importantly, to connect with women and men in the city each passionate about building and supporting our community advancement. About SAP Next-Gen

About SAP Next-Gen


SAP Next-Gen is an innovation community for SAP Leonardo which drives innovation with purpose supporting SAP's commitment to the 17 UN Global Goals for sustainable development.  SAP supports 350,000+ customers across 25 industries in 180+ countries enabling companies, startups, partners and universities to connect and innovate with purpose linked to the UN Global Goals.

Samara Cohen AKA Princess Lockerooo