Launched by Emmy-winning filmmaker at the 2016 TEDxJNJ Talk on Big Data, StoryShifter aims to revolutionize the music and entertainment industry by empowering every artist, storyteller and rightsholder through high tech, data science and advanced e-commerce tools in order to optimize yields, taking social good messaging to the next level of digital storytelling.

StoryShifter is an entertainment driven software and data science solution for the social good industry. It integrates, in an app and web platform, big data analytics, and machine learning that evaluates consumers demographics, viewing habits and subsequent action steps (among other data inputs), and then processes through a set of algorithms, multiple predictive scenarios and potential outcomes to lead to more informed business decisions that will result in a sustainable middle class of content producers and a more profitable entertainment industry. By viewing and reacting to creative content, through the StoryShifter platform, the social good industry can identify trends in culture (music, film, art) that will benefit content producers, socially good brands and the entertainment industry.




















Early development. The concept was presented for the first time at the TEDxJNJ (Johnson &Johnson) TED Talk on Big Data on October 6, 2016.  Since then, StoryShifter was chosen to participate in the #SheDemos pitch and showcase conference as well as an invite-only office hours with TechStar Music. 

Currently, StoryShifter is working on the following:

  • Developing assets to be competitive for a start up accelerator program (pitch deck, demo video, F6S profile, etc.)
  • Developing a prototype of the StoryShifter.com platform.
  • Raising $100,000-$150,000 in seed money.
  • Identifying a solid, diverse tech team.
  • Soliciting content from radical storytellers who want to disrupt harmful narratives by focusing on socially conscious entertainment.  Visit www.filmfreeway.com/storyshifter for more info.


We are in need of:

  • A volunteer full stack developer to help build our prototype that will 1) allow users to create a "profile" (name, age, gender, etc) on the site, (2) allow users to browse through a collection of creative content that has beenuploaded and tagged with different keywords, (3) store user viewing behavior to a database so that after we have collected a substantial user population and some viewing habit data we will be able to hire a data scientist to write a personal version of the Netflix algorithm that will present users with content we believe they will enjoy based on the viewing habits of people like them.
  • Investors/donors for seed funding.


How to help:

We currently have a crowdfunding campaign about to launch.