StoryHop is my new start up that I'll be launching on Oct 6th during my first TED Talk on Big Data with Johnson & Johnson.

StoryHop is a highly curated entertainment portal where every post benefits the social good.  Using the principles of big data,  StoryHop will collect and analyze content consumption against subsequent advocacy-oriented options to see what actually appeals to users and drives them to take action.



This winter, I will be hosting my first international storytelling workshop in Tanzania for 20-25 students interested in becoming responsible storytellers.  Participants will have an opportunity to produce films with and by the Maasai.  A 360/VR session will be included and each participant will receive a new 360 Nikon camera. 



"Mother's Cry" is an award-winning short video featuring renowned youth poet, Savon Bartley that brings to life the issue of climate change by utilizing spoken word as its storytelling device.   Editing in high contrast black and white, "Mother's Cry" cleverly weaves together creative metaphors comparing the demise of our Mother Earth to the struggles of women facing domestic violence, neglect, chaos and loneliness. "Mother's Cry" has been accepted into 15 environmental and social change film festivals thus far and screened at the UN for both the DPI Youth Briefing on Climate Change and for the 2016 International Day of the Youth.